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    Vivere Bene. Mangia Bene. Live Well. Eat Well.
    Our Owner Alessandro Khojane

    Alessandro Khojane



    Alessandro Khojane knows exactly who he is: an African Italian, with a love of family and good food.

    His currency is relationships. He’s passionate about people. He greets his customers by name. He’s engaged. He’s warm.

    This 35-year-old entrepreneur opened the hugely successful Gemelli in 2015 and, three years later, in 2018, Zio de Famiglia in Hyde Park.

    Alex, the son of a Lesotho diplomat, spent 12 years in Oligiata near Rome. African and Italian food sat side by side comfortably in the Khojane household; pap or polenta made no difference.

    But, it was being taught how to cook by a real Italian Mama, Luciana Conte, in a real Italian kitchen that started his love affair with Italian food. It changed his life and led him into the hospitality industry.

    His restaurants Gemelli, the Italian word for twins and Zio, the Italian word for uncle both pay homage to family. “Family is everything to me; it’s why the underlying theme of my restaurants is family. I want people to make my restaurants their local, where they come to eat, celebrate, laugh and share.”